From The Desktop of a Plus Size Alternative Girl

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of these brands and have no affiliation with them outside of being a consumer who has purchased their goods.

It has taken me a while but I’ve gone through my wardrobe, cried over lost or damaged pieces, marveled at some of the things I’d forgotten that I owned- all to take notes on plus size friendly brands I can recommend to those who are looking.

For this guide, I’m going to split things by category and include recommended brands at the end of each section for those of you who prefer easy links to in-depth explanations.

Robe: Boohoo x Gemma Collins, Bra: Asos Curve


Let’s start with the number one article of undergarment I get asked about. There are two types of bras I own. The cute, stylish kind that you’ve probably seen me flaunting all over my social channels… and the real bras. Now you may be thinking that all bras are real and that my distinction is confusing or silly, but let me assure you that there is a big difference between the fashionable photo-shoot bras I pose in on occasion and good, old fashioned “Battle Ready Armor“.

I buy my real bras exclusively from Lane Bryant’s Cacique line. They do a very good job of going up to larger cup sizes while being more inclusive of band sizing than most other plus size bra shops. The balconette style is my favorite and offers the most support for my bust that I can find without going custom (and broke). They even have a few full lace styles with no padding!

My fashionable bras, or glamour bras as I like to call them, are stylish and sexy but not nearly as supportive for every day wear or going out and about. The only things I can depend on them for is a nice photo, a cool party costume, and a good fit.

Recommendations for Real Bras:
– Lane Bryant (Cacique intimates)

Recommendations for Fashion/Glamour Bras:
– Playful Promises (so many good options)
– *Any shop with plus size bras that are NOT padded. (Padding often lessens any stretch or give the bra may have.


Similar to the bra is the comfy and very convenient bralette. They are perfect for any occasion that requires a bit of support but does not demand the full lift that 9-5 work days or formal gatherings do. There are even fully opaque bralettes that function as crop tops that can be layered with a light jacket or worn on its own with a pair of shorts.
These days, being stuck in the house most of the week means that I am likely wearing one of these for a quick dog walk or trip to the store.

Recommendations for Bralettes:
– Torrid (Casual and Sexy styles)
– Playful Promises (Sexy styles)
– Boohoo (Casual and Sexy styles)
– PrettyLittleThing (Casual and Sexy styles)
– Chubby Cartwheels (Casual and Sexy styles)

To keep things easy to read, I will end here and pick up with a different section of lingerie in part 2!
– Spiffy


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