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I’ve been a casual collector of Demonia shoes for years and have thus learned a lot about the brand, their style, and the individual model lines of their products. I am not affiliated with Demonia or Pleaser Shoes at the time of writing this entry and I make no commission/receive no compensation from these companies as payment of any kind. This is just a quick rundown of various pairs of shoes I have bought over the years and my experience with them as well as what I suggest for anyone in a similar sizing situation as myself. This will not be an extensive review of the brand itself, all I will be noting is how things fit, comfort, sizing, and any other notes I feel are important.

For reference: I am 5’3, my calf circumference (at the time of entry) is 19-20 inches around, and my standard shoe size is a US Womens 11/US Mens 9. My feet are somewhat wide but I usually buy regular width shoes.


Ankle Boots and Platforms

Camel: I own multiple pairs of boots in the Camel line. Two in the 203 bootie style and one in the 103 open side platform heeled shoe style- both in a size Womens 11. The camel style is very comfortable and easy to walk in. However, the 203 boot style is a bit snug in the body of the boot. Though they fit, if I purchase more 203’s in the future, I will size up to a Womens US 12. The 103 fits comfortably and is not snug in the body, likely because the design itself features open panels on either side of the foot.

Edit (12/11/2021): I recently picked up a pair of red 203s in size 12 and ended up re-purchasing the pink and purple pairs in 12 and selling the 11s online. I stand by what I said 100% about the sizing of this style. It’s comfy but if you have wide feet or are plus size, I highly recommend sizing up.

Emily: I only own one pair of Emily-315 booties and they fit well and are very easy to walk in (being a very small platform). My main complaint about them is their stiffness. The shoes can be very painful to wear for extended periods, not because it is too tight or ill-fitting but because the shape of the shoe either stays stiff or creases. There is also the matter of noticeable creasing on the front of the boot from repeated wear. It’s nothing too terrible but it has made me wear them less than I was wearing them before. I bought them in a Womens size 11 and I don’t think sizing up is necessary.

Edit (12/11/2021): I haven’t gone back and bought any new Emilys because of the stiffness and creasing issues.

Ranger: If I had one wish, it would be to have 100 different pairs of Ranger ankle boots in the entire visible light spectrum. These shoes are my favorite fit out of all the Demonia boots I own. The sole is nice and wide, making zipping and re-lacing easier and usually unnecessary for me- even with my big feet and bigger legs. The platform isn’t steep so there’s no ‘sliding’ effect. I’d suggest getting them in your regular size as I bought both my pairs in my regular Womens size 11 and had no issues.

Violet: The Violet shoes are a versatile platform good for a wide range of styles. I’ve seen friends use them in Lolita coordinates, Goth outfits, and other alternative looks. I only own one pair- the Violet-45 style in baby pink and I absolutely adore these shoes. The platform is a thick, rounded brick shape. (Kind of like a rocking style!) This style has multiple straps and three bows that give it a sweet, dollish look, especially in the pink colorway. (It also comes in white and black). I sized up to a Womens size 12, not out of concern for fit but because my regular size of 11 was sold out at the time and I was desperate to get my hands on them. Oddly enough, the fit was comfortable and not at all wobbly or loose. If I ever pick up a second pair of violets, I will likely size up again.

Added 12/11/2021
Swing: On Black Friday, I purchased a pair of Swing-105s, the ankle boot version of the tall swings I have listed below. I adore these boots! All the pros of the taller swings like a stable platform, a clean look with the metal plate placement, and good foot space- all without the stress of trying to get the upper portion to fit around your calf.

Knee High Boots and Platforms

So before I get into this section, I want to say I have not worn any of these (with the exception of the Trashville pair) in the last year. It is entirely possible that I have gained enough weight in my legs to make my fit experience invalid for my current measurements… but I highly doubt it.

Ranger: The Ranger line includes several knee high boots that feature the same comfy base I mentioned above. I own a pair of the 320 style, a pretty standard lace-up, knee high combat boot with two white stripes at the top. When I first tried them on, I was shocked. They’re so unexpectedly sexy and sleek and the fit on big calves is only limited by how long your laces are. I was able to wear these just fine without extended laces but I think I’ll grab a long pair for an extra ‘tightened’ look. I purchased this pair from Amazon and they were sold in Mens sizes (because a lot of Demonia’s shoes are made with Unisex wearers in mind) and I took a Mens 9 which is the same as a Womens 11 in the United States.

Damned: The Damned line is your standard “Demonia” line. Very industrial, very clunky, very Demonia. I own a pair of the 318 and 225 styles. The 318s have adjustable buckles that I was able to adjust to fit my thicker calves while the 225 (a half calf style) were definitely a bit snug and give me a little muffin top in the middle of my leg. The platforms themselves are not arched or curved and are entirely flat so keep that in mind if you’re not comfortable with the Frankenstein stomp. Both boots were bought in a Womens 11, I’d be careful sizing up as the flatness of the platform could make the boot wobbly if it was too big for your foot.

Edit (12/11/2021): I, sadly, must add the Damned line to the growing list of boots Demonia makes that are not fat calf friendly. They used to fit fine but just a little extra chub made them hard to get on. Not impossible but definitely harder. I’ve already sold my 318s and will likely sell my 225s soon.

Trashville: Now this part breaks my heart. My first pair of Demonias were the Trashville-518s… the very same pair I re-purchased and had to return this year. A little over 4 years ago, I bought them in a size Mens 9 (they’re sized similarly to the Ranger knee highs) and they fit fine. I had adjusted the buckles until they fit my legs comfortably and I had even worn them to a photoshoot in 2017. These were my boots. I ended up selling them to make some money but had the means to re-buy a pair during a sale in 2021. Well, all, I could not have been more disappointed. I adjusted the boots to the widest fastenings possible and couldn’t even get the boot to zip up all the way. It is with deep sadness that I have to say that I do not recommend the Trashville style for people with very thick calves.

Swing: The Swing style is like the Damned style’s more daring older sister. A lot of the boots are identical in boot shaft and calf style but the where the Damned’s base is flat cross, the Swing style is a platform wedge. I’d been nervous to try it out because I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to balance in them but they’re surprisingly easy to walk in. I have the Swing-815 style in a pretty pink and the Swing-230G (another half calf) in the white glitter style. I love this style and going forward, I think if I find that Demonia makes more of the industrial/stompy boots in colorways that I want to collect, I’ll be going with the Swing style instead of the Damned because I like the feel of the wedge more than I like the flat platform. Both pairs of swings I own are in a size Womens 11. I regret to inform any new or return readers, as of 3/12/2022, but I have to be honest and say that these do not fit my legs comfortably anymore. I actually intend to sell both pairs I own. HOWEVER, Demonia has recently released a wide calf collection that includes the Swing-815 style that I am excited to try after selling the regular Swings I currently own. More on these in the future!


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