From The Desktop of a Plus Size Alternative Girl

Years ago, (but actually just like two years ago in 2019), I attended a Halloween party a friend was throwing at their house. It was the first Halloween party our friend group was having that was at one of our own homes instead of our family homes. This meant that we could have very adult conversations while having very adult drinks- and it meant I could wear a kind-of-sort-of adult costume.

*I apologize in advance for any poor image quality or bad lighting in these photos. Back then, I wasn’t as good about insisting on better pictures at parties and the person I handed my camera really wanted the cupboards in focus.


Faux Leather Buckle Top: REDACTED*
Mesh Top: (similar can be found on) Torrid or Hot Topic
Faux Leather Skirt: REDACTED*
Spiderweb Knee Highs: Unknown
Boots: T.U.K.
Collar: Killstar
Wig: (similar can be found on) Amazon
Horns: BeastlyBootique
Ears: Ardani

– Spiffy

*Redacted brands are brands that I do not recommend and/or no longer support.


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