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Full disclosure: As I write this, I am in the waiting on the arrival of a few more products I’ll be adding to my regimen. I had considered waiting on them to put this up but I know I’d need to try them out for a few weeks before I felt comfortable enough to recommend them to anyone. So let’s just consider this an ongoing investigation on my personal choices in hair care.

*I am not sponsored or affiliated with any brand listed here at the time of creating this post. 1/30/2023

My Hair Needs

I have a combination of 4b and 4c hair, with way more 4 b in the back and sides. If you’re not familiar with hair charts; I have very tight kinks and coils, my hair grows up and out instead of straight down, and oilyness is not remotely a concern for me. I also struggle with psoraisis which influences some of my choices. (I also plan on seeing a specialst for it to really help me out but the items in this list help with flareups and to manage for the time being).


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I start with Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner. With Salicylic acid 3% and a really nice, thin formula for easy spreading, it’s a quick treatment before I get to everything else. For my personal best results, I scrub it in and wait a few minutes before rinsing. And I do not detangle with this product because, as I mentioned, it is a very thin product.

Shampoo-ing and Conditioning

Here’s where it gets interesting. I have a two different ways I go about the shampoo and conditioning process. Because I already start with the Dermarest, I try to avoid bringing too many other things in.

Route 1: The Doux Supersonic Honey Condish ➡️ Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Shampoo ➡️ Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Conditioner. The Doux’s Honey Condish is a multipurpose handy dandy hair saver. It’s advertised as a pre-poo, a rinse out conditioner, or a leave in. The formula gets my hair soft and ready for the next round of product. Head and Shoulders Royal Oils is a kinky/curly (see; Black hair) line from the brand that works super well at conditioning my hair without stripping it. With this combo, my flareups are managed and my curls are happy and ready for detangling.

Route 2: The Doux Supersonic Honey Condish ➡️ Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Shampoo ➡️The Doux Sweetest Thing Honey Moisture Mask. The moisture mask is a deep conditioner that I adore. I’ve heard more about The Doux’s other deep conditioners but this one is nothing to overlook. I follow the directions on the jar; 15-30 minutes, detangle while it processes. A simple wide tooth comb with the Sweetest Thing? My curls are repaired and restored to a healthy, bouncy state.


Wash and Go: The Doux Pop Lock Curl Forming Glaze OR The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam. Both have incredible performance in defining curls and lasting results for 5-7 days (at least for my hair). I’m partial to the Mousse Def as the curls come out softer and the glaze is a bit stiffer, but either product is a MUST for me when I’m just looking to have my hair out and defined.

Twists: TGIN Twist and Define cream. If you’ve seen the youtube videos featuring this product I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s all real. Let me assure you, it is. I am in love with my plump, juicy twists every time I use this product. Doesn’t get crunchy, provides exsquisite hold- my only complaint is that it’s not sold in a larger container! It takes quite a bit of product to twist all of my hair but it’s worth it for the look!


Scalp Scrubber: The sturdy spikes do all the work without having to add pressure. This gets build up and psoraisis plaque lifted without yanking hair out. And the lather, *chef’s kiss*. I noticed a real difference in my regimen once I added this.

Tangleteezer Wide Tooth Comb and Ultimate Vented Brush: Depending on what I’m doing that day, I’ll use one or both of these for on-the-spot detangling while styling or sectioning. I’m pretty obsessed with the whole Tangleteezer brand.

Blowdryer: If I do use heat my go-to dryer is the old Revlon Brush dryer. It’s quick, efficient, and cuts my dry time down by at least an hour every time. I don’t ever use it on full blast though, it can get really hot. Otherwise, I use a regular blow dryer with a diffuser.



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