From The Desktop of a Plus Size Alternative Girl

Hey Guys, Its Spiffy!
Welcome to my little corner of the internet. ♡

What Is This Blog?

A few years after starting my Instagram page, I began to want more. Posting photos of my outfits and coordinates on social media was a good way of engaging with the community as a whole but I found myself longing for a space where I could engage with viewers on a more personal level. A place where I could share personal stories, give more detail on the outfits that I was posting, and go into detail on my experiences as a plus sized person and a woman of color. I created this blog to be that space.

Who is Spiffy Offline?

I am a professional binge-watcher, proud fur & scale mum, herbal tea snob, sci-fi lover, dragon-esque recipe hoarder, retro cartoon connoisseur, avid language learner, picky horror fan, and astronomy enthusiast who is body, gender, and sex positive. Indulging in my hobbies keeps me both sane and happy while keeping an open mind brings new and interesting people and experiences into my life.

It is my firm belief that every body is a good one and any (legal aged and consenting) individual should be free to pursue self expression and exploration without judgement.