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With the Spooky season approaching, I’ve made a quick list of my favorite black lip products.
I have not been financially compensated for any suggestions on this list. Every item listed is an item I have personally used and recommend.

NYX Buttergloss in Licorice
My go to black lip, NYX’s buttergloss is easily my top rec. It’s deceptively opaque, and can definitely be worn on it’s own as your main color. I also like to put it over any lipsticks I’m wearing for an all night combo when I know I’m going to an event where I’ll be eaiting.

LimeCrime Velvetine in Black Velvet
Velvetines have the “liquidy-est” consistency of all the liquid lipsticks I like. I’m careful not to use any oils or balms on my lips before applying it to make sure it dries fully and doesn’t move around in the process. I usually use LimeCrime’s lip primer before hand to get that perfect dry-but-not-chapped canvas to work on. If you don’t use a primer like that, I’d recommend using some chapstick and blotting off all excess before applying. (If you feel it moving around or see that isn’t drying, either use less chapstick on your next attempt or skip it altogether).

Sugarpill Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Zero
Sugarpill doesn’t miss. That’s it, that’s the post.
But seriously, the brand has been one of the pillars of cosplay / drag / alt fashion makeup for a reason: their stuff works!
Zero, like all of Sugarpill’s liquid lipsticks, is moussey and soft. It almost feels like a clay rather than a lipstick. I would especially recommend it for anyone who is looking for something to fill in any fine lines on their lips. It can be layered if you want but I don’t really see anyone needing to- at least not for opacity.

Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Shade*
Asterisk’d because I don’t actually own this shade but I have many of the Melt liquid lipsticks and can vouch for the smooth consistency of the formula. Melt liquid lip colors go on like a nice paint. Not too thick, but not too watery. They dry down to a nice matte finish with a hint of satin (which I love, because no one likes paper dry lips).

Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in Bane
The only traditional “bullet” black lipstick I still use. I just love Bane. I don’t know why but it feels like the right choice whenever I want a soft satin finish on my lips instead of something matte or glossy.


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