From The Desktop of a Plus Size Alternative Girl

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of these brands and have no affiliation with them outside of being a consumer who has purchased their goods.

For this update, I’m going to focus on legwear and related accessories. Leggings, however, will be excluded from the lineup as I have already made a post about my leggings and where I shop for them.

The most important thing to keep in mind while looking at legwear for plus size bodies is sheering in the material. You know, that ‘white out’ effect that happens when stretchy things reach their limit?- that kind of sheering. I do a lot of research on these brands/items before my first purchase. Checking all social pages where the brand displays models, definitely looking at tags and tagged posts that included non affiliated models wearing the products, and watching YouTube reviews are all good ways to see the items before you buy.

Keep in mind, I am 5’3 and my thighs are about 33 inches around at the fullest points, so what works for me may not work for you. Although, keep in mind again, I if your thighs are smaller than mine or if you are generally smaller than me but taller- you may still have good luck with all of my pics as my hosiery choices are always stretchy.

Outtake from an old Instagram post set.
Robe: Forever21, Bodysuit: SuperOrange, Thigh Highs: Donatellas


I hated tights as kid. My mother would try to make me wear them to school during the winter months and I recall almost tearing them off of my legs halfway through the day. Thankfully the selection for tights today is much better than itchy options when I was in grade school.

Recommendations for Tights:
– BlackMilk Clothing (Specifically the Sporty Stripes Hoisery)
– Torrid
– Snag Tights


I adore stockings. They can spice up a business outfit, dress up a casual outfit, and generally look amazing. The other nice thing about stockings is that they’re sheer and don’t usually aren’t made of thick fibers.

Recommendations for Stockings:
– Snag Tights (Fishnet and Regular)
– Torrid (Fishnet and Regular)

Thigh High Stockings:

One of my biggest accomplishments as an adult has been finding good places to get thigh high stockings for plus sized bodies. Most companies that tried their hand at making plus sized clothes still refused to make plus sized versions of their lingerie and hosiery. The quadricep struggle was real when I was growing up, friends. But in the last five or so years said struggle spurred different companies to form to meet the demand for bigger thigh highs.

*Other fun products are; the faux thigh high (or mock thigh high, or whatever other name a brand may call them.) These are full pantyhose stockings that are printed to be clear or extremely sheer in the upper portion with a cute design on the leg and upper thigh to give the illusion of having thigh highs. And the mock-garter, a pair of stockings/tights with the crotch and upper thigh portion cut to give the illusion of garter straps with waist band support from the rest of the garment.

Recommendations for Thigh High Stockings:
– Donatella’s (My favorite)
– Kixies (Very good customer service, I had a pair come with a tiny rip and they replaced it free of charge)
– Torrid (occasionally has faux thigh high printed stockings)
– Snag Tights (for awesome mock-garter style stockings)

Thigh High Socks:

Almost all of my thigh high socks come from the brand Thundathighs. They’re so long that I have to fold them or scrunch them up. (A good problem for those of us with big legs.) They can be worn alone or using an aid like a sock glue or a thigh garter (which is what I use) to keep them secure. These are the only ways I have been able to prevent thigh socks from rolling down, which is to be expected as socks are much thicker than stockings or tights.

Recommendations for Thigh High Socks:
– Thundathighs (Highly recommend)
– Sock Dreams

To keep things easy to read, I will end here and pick up with a different section of lingerie in part 3!
– Spiffy


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